Thursday, August 6, 2015

Finding Time

I woke up this morning at 5:42.  After pulling back my unruly curls I stepped into the hall on my way to my regular morning spot in front of Facebook and unexpectedly found...some time.  Yes, I was as flabbergasted as you might imagine.  There it was, right in front of the overflowing IKEA bookshelf in the loft area we use as a home office/library/playroom/music room/well you get the idea.  So I grabbed that time and plopped myself down and did some stretching with it.  It was there all along.  I decided not to measure the time.  I moved through some basic asana, letting my body guide me.  As I moved from bridge pose to legs up the wall, a furry little face popped up between my legs; my 13 year old tuxedo cat Luna had found some time as well.  So we spent some time together, nose kissing between stretches.  My heart swelled as I realized how important these moments with her were in the whole scheme of things.  And then I moved downstairs and found some more time, right there at the table between my laptop and yesterday's mail.  So I sat down with my purple pen and a fresh legal pad and used that time to write.  Actual words on a  piece of paper.  And you know what I realized? There is time everywhere. Where will you find some time today?

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