Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eat the Rainbow!/Laptop Lunch Box Giveaway

For a fun Spring shift in your normal eating routine, why not try eating the rainbow today? Challenge your kids to create a meal using plant products in all the colors of the rainbow! You could design it first and then eat, or eat as your find each color and keep track on a separate page. Green is probably the easiest, (though it might be fun to try something new like kiwi) so here are some ideas for the other colors:

red- peppers, tomatoes, berries, apples,cherries, (kidney beans-protein), watermelon
orange-carrots, peppers, sweet potato,papaya,pumpkin
yellow-peppers, tomatoes, banana, pineapple,tangerine, (garbanzo beans-protein), spaghetti squash or other yellow squash
green-kiwi, avocado, broccoli, honeydew, kale,lettuce, spinach
blue- berries, cauliflower, blue potatoes, blue corn
indigo-boysenberries, plums, prunes, (black beans)
violet-red grapes, blackberries, eggplant, purple cabbage

Leave a comment with a list of your rainbow foods today and be entered to win a Laptop Lunch Box, pictured below*
Can't wait to see your creative ideas! Winner will be chosen at random; contest ends at midnight Pacific coast time on Friday, May 8, 2009.

*Food not included!
Laptop Lunch boxes are phthalate, bisphenol A (BPA), and lead free. Photo courtesy of

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  1. our rainbow day? (more like weekend!)
    cherry tomatoes stuffed with hummus (red)
    banana soy honey smoothie (yellow)
    ginger carrot soup (orange)
    kale walnut pesto on orriochette spinash pasta!!! (green)
    blueberry agar/jello (blue)
    roasted purple baby potatoes with rosemary and olive oil (purple)
    and the best part is honeypie likes it all!

  2. A tropical rainbow fruit bowl lunch:

    Green - guacamole; avocado mashed and mixed with a little salsa picante.

    Orange - papaya; cubed

    Yellow - mango; thin sliced or cubed

    White - cherimoya; melon ball scoops of this sweet melon

    Yellow/gold - pineapple; small wedges

    Purple - passion fruit, purple variety, pureed.

    Yellow/green - star fruit sliced through the star.

    Cube, ball, mash or puree the particular fruits except for the star fruit. Mix in a small bowl leaving the center for a smaller pudding sized dish filled with the guacamole. Line the top of the bowl with star fruit. Just before serving, pour the passion fruit over the fruit. Put a CD of the sounds of the tropics or some island music, sit shoeless and comfy and slowly pick at a wonderful, healthy, happy bowl of rainbow colors.


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